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Dentistry Just For Kids – Commercial Landscape

As the Wabash Valley’s only Pediatric Specialists and Orthodontist, Dentistry Just for Kids had outgrown their prior location that had served as their home for over 24 years and planned the construction of a nearly $2 million office.

The client originally had a landscape design drawn up by their architect as part of the overall site plan. However, after the general contractor bid came in far too high, our firm was brought in to rework the entire plan and fit it within their overall budget. Those original plans had to be scrapped and rethought from the start. We redesigned the landscape in the process to fit within the overall budget while also planning for the long term.

Our approach to this project was to treat the landscape as an extension of the overall brand and experience Dentistry Just For Kids wanted to create for their clients. Going to the dentist is not always a pleasant experience, especially at a young age. It can be scary to walk up to a dark, sterile building. Especially for a young child who may be dreading the encounter or forming a lifelong opinion based on their experience, first impressions are everything. 

To help ease that fear, we wanted to include splashes of color across the landscape that could help ease those fears and make Dentistry Just for Kids look more approachable and inviting. Color was critically important to this project. To accomplish this, we selected areas of seasonal color that we change out 3x a year with new plantings. Because the lot was cleared prior to construction, we planted a new tree row, with multiple layers of screenings to give it definition and a more defined border.

For Dentistry Just For Kids, the building’s colorful architecture, the bright and open design of the office itself, and their marketing and branding were all designed with that same goal. The landscape design was just as important to projecting this image to their patients.