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The Culp Residence – Hardscape

Hardscape featured extensively in the Culp Residence project, with over 10,000 square feet of exterior concrete, and over 20,000 square feet of pavers, stone, and brick. The Culp Residence includes a large driveway with motor court, patios, koi pond, pathways, multiple outdoor seating areas, all within a park-like setting surrounded by woods.

We realized early on how important it was for the hardscape to tie into the home’s architectural design – features like curved dormers, arched headers above the windows and doors, archways above the portico and breezeway, inset oval windows, and a curved turret. With the overall architecture of the home in mind, we were deliberate in carrying through this same visual language in the design of the curved driveway, patios, and pathways.

In keeping with this aesthetic, the client asked us to redesign the front patio and stairs. When they realized the home builder’s original plans did not include curved steps on the exterior of the entrances, the client asked our firm to step in and rework the builder’s blueprints to completely redesign those elements. 

The brick patio and brick stairs leading up to the entrance of the home were redrawn literally overnight so that the builders could redo the steps the very next day. At the same time, this also meant ensuring the steps were the right proportions and height, while respecting their scale and proportion in comparison to the overall size of the home.

We designed the motor court to have an entrance made of pavers, which then opened to a circular concrete driveway. We were specific in the overall design, how the concrete should be poured, and how it should work within the context of the other architectural elements. The driveway pavers connect to the rear of the home by continuing beneath a large, spanning archway that connects the main residence to the garage.

Across the rear of the home, large glass windows spanning two stories overlook a patio constructed out of Pennsylvania flagstone. Adjacent to the patio is a koi pond, featuring a waterfall cascading down the irregular slabs that surround this water feature.

The same pavers used for the driveway continue seamlessly to form a pathway leading to the rear of the home. The pavers then turn to surround the Pennsylvania flagstone patio and act as a border that forms a definite boundary around it. In this way, we used the pavers as a way to visually tie together each distinct area of the home and make it feel connected.

Because this was a new construction home, the budgetary considerations for this project meant understanding the overall home build, timeline, and scale of a project this large. It also meant coordinating costs and timelines both with the homeowner and the home builder and contractors so that everyone was on the same page.