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The Culp Residence – Residential Landscaping

The Culp Residence is a large Neo-Victorian home in a park-like setting. This new construction project included masterplan design, landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, lighting, and water features, all designed and installed in parallel with the construction of the actual home.

The original owner of the land was a friend of the Culp family whom they had known for years prior to purchasing the property. Over the years, this family friend planted trees of many different varieties, and the property acted like his own personal conservancy. He would speak of the trees he planted like they were his children.

It was extremely important to the Culp family that they respect the previous owner’s commitment to nature and minimize the number of trees that needed to be removed in order to construct their new home. Prior to construction, our firm was provided the finished architectural plans and given the responsibility to site the home’s location on the property. One of the considerations in this task was to keep as many of the trees as possible.

For planting, the owners knew it was important to consider the size of the plants in relation to the large size of the home. We planned for the future and worked within the client’s budget by opting not to purchase fully mature or oversized plants, and instead chose plants we knew would grow to the size we needed to be proportional in time. Plants were selected so that they were an appropriate scale and proportion in relation to the overall size of the home.

We installed boxwoods lining the driveway and back patio areas, which helped create a more defined space and continue the curves that carried through that same design language from the home’s architecture. Kichler lighting was selected to illuminate the landscape and uplight the house. All patios and pathways and entry ways were illuminated.

Because this was a new construction home, the budgetary considerations for this project meant understanding the overall home build, timeline, and scale of a project this large. It also meant coordinating costs and timelines both with the homeowner and the home builder and contractors so that everyone was on the same page. The client worked closely with us during the construction phase of the home to make adjustments and changes to the actual structure. To accommodate the generator and irrigation controller for the RainBird Irrigation System, an additional room was added onto the home during construction.

One of the challenges of this project was scheduling. Because the yard was too large to sod, all of the construction phase of the home had to be completed by mid September so that we could seed the lawn.