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The Hendrick’s Residence – Firepit & Lighting Design

Featuring large glass walls and a modern, minimal aesthetic that allows the outside environment to visually enter the home, the Hendricks Residence is designed to create a connection with nature. The goal for this lighting project was to support that same connection to nature by illuminating the beauty of the landscape surrounding the property.

We wanted to uplight as many trees as possible so the beauty of the natural landscape could be appreciated even in the evenings. This lighting project also had the effect of helping balance the minimal architecture to bring warmth to the home and make it feel inviting.

Kichler lighting was selected to uplight trees, plantings, courtyard wall, as well as the exterior of the home. A total of 25 trees were lit, along with lighting placed in the tall seagrass surrounding the courtyard and main residence. This helped create a diffused and warm glow of light, softening the overall appearance of the residence. It also helped minimize the number of path lights required, since the uplit trees and exterior reflected the light and illuminated pathways.

Around the outdoor firepit, we selected path lighting with a minimal, contemporary design that carried through the same minimal, modern design philosophy of the residence itself.

Also a priority for this project was illuminating the Zen Garden built into the footprint of the home. Visible through a large glass wall in the front foyer, the Zen Garden is the main focal point right as you enter the home. Illuminating the Zen Garden helped maintain it as a showpiece of serenity and minimal beauty, even after sunset.