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The Hendrick’s Residence – Hardscape

Hardscape was a critical element to the Hendricks Residence. Featuring a modern architectural design, we knew the hardscape would need to be an aesthetic extension of the home and would be just as significant as the structure itself in bringing the client’s overall vision to life. This included integrating pathways, patios, pool, outdoor seating area and firepit, as well as a Zen Garden integrated into the footprint of the residence.

We opted to use large stones in a grid, offset by 3” in between each to allow grass to grow in between the stones. Because the Hendricks Residence features large glass walls that help visually bring in the outside environment, the client wanted to minimize the amount of concrete used and prioritize natural elements. Creating this grid of stones with grass in between helped create a connection to nature and allow the overall design to blend seamlessly with the landscape surrounding it.

The scale of this project presented a major budgetary constraint for this project. Getting the material cost within budget was a challenge until we partnered with HardStone, a specialty manufacturer of concrete products. HardStone’s proprietary technology results in a product that is more dense and stronger than standard concrete, while at the same time more structurally stable and resistant to cracking, especially in cold winters. Just as importantly, HardStone was able to manufacture the stones out of concrete to our exact specifications, allowing for considerable material cost savings over traditional quarried stone.

We worked closely with HardStone to specify the exact color, texture, finish, durability, and material profile we wanted. All stones in the driveway, around the pool, the firepit stone, the step down wall, caps on the courtyard walls, planters and retaining walls were custom made by HardStone. The driveway and parking areas required the stones to be 3” thick in order to support the weight of vehicles without compromising the structural integrity, while other pathways and walkways were designed to be 2” thick.

HardStone proved to be an invaluable creative partner as well. They could identify opportunities, like using the same material used for the hardscape to construct the slotted drain cap that surrounds the entire perimeter of the pool. By using concrete for the slotted drain instead of metal or plastic, we minimized its visibility so that it didn’t distract from the clean lines and natural landscape surrounding it. This visually tied in with the other hardscape elements from HardStone, and was a solution that helped carry through the overall aesthetic while also serving a functional purpose.

An outdoor seating area carried through this same stone grid, with a gas fire pit in the middle. For the overall size, placement, and scale of this outdoor area, it was important to match the proportions of the home and take advantage of the beauty of the woods surrounding the property.

The footprint of the home was designed to accommodate a Zen Garden. Visible through a large glass wall, the Zen Garden is the first focal point as visitors enter the home. The Zen Garden features crushed oyster shells which the owners use a traditional gravel rake to draw patterns across. Breaking up the bed of oyster shells to create some tension and contrast are larger native limestone boulders.