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The Hendrick’s Residence – Residential Landscaping

The Hendricks Residence features a modern architectural design situated in a rural woodland setting, with large glass walls that visually connect the interior of the home with the natural beauty of the exterior landscape. 

The open, minimal aesthetic of the Hendricks Residence was intended to foster this connection with nature. To that end, it was critically important that the landscape design complemented and work with, not against, the natural landscape.

The client preferred a minimal style and clean lines, in keeping with the overall aesthetic of their home. They also loved the native Sycamore trees found in Indiana and beauty of the surrounding woods as they changed through the seasons. We knew the landscape design for this project would be just as significant as the structure itself in bringing the client’s overall vision to life.

Our goal was to create a landscape design that felt like it could be a natural extension of the lush woods bordering the property. We translated this vision by minimizing the amount of flowers planted, and instead opted for grasses and shrubs.  While the overall design of plant beds reflected the geometric angles of the home’s modern architecture, by creating large, dense beds of green shrubs and rows of seagrass we effectively softened the overall appearance of the landscape and the home itself. 

Kichler lighting was selected to uplight trees, plantings, courtyard wall, as well as the exterior of the home. A total of 25 trees were lit, along with lighting placed in the tall seagrass surrounding the courtyard and main residence. 

The footprint of the home was designed to accommodate a Zen Garden. Visible through a large glass wall, the Zen Garden serves as a focal point for visitors as they enter the home. We continued this philosophy of natural elements intersecting architecture when designing the hardscape as well. We chose large stones in a grid, offset by 4”, and sodded grass so that it grew in between. This minimized the amount of concrete used and helped the overall design to blend more seamlessly with the natural landscape.

We drew inspiration from the client in a very close, collaborative process. Throughout design and installation of The Hendricks Residence, we revised the budget and reworked what was possible in a very collaborative and creative process. It was one of those projects that helps you stretch yourself creatively, working alongside the client to continue to build on their vision. These are the types of projects that foster a high level of esteem for those clients that are willing to listen to your ideas, and also provide their own vision, creative direction, and ideas in return. This was a project that was a joy to work on and will be a source of pride for years to come.